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“Edges, Ledges and Corners”

Are you providing a cleaning service, currently a cleaning operative or perhaps the end user? Maybe you’re the one paying the bills? No matter your position, you know that first impressions can last a very, very long time. Cleaning is all about making a good impression as soon as someone enters a room. And setting…

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So many robots but no clean sweep.

My father always talks to me about our ‘instant world’ in his 70 years the world we inhabit has altered beyond recognition. These changes are driven by the proliferation of technology, and the rate of change is only going to accelerate. We are living in a ‘digitized era’ of instant gratification where everyone has an…

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Industry Innovations

iMop At CCS we always have our ear to the ground when it comes to industry innovations and the iMop certainly lives up to the hype. The first of its kind-the iMop scrubber dryer isn’t just designed for cleaning; it is designed for the cleaner. We have now introduced this on many of our sites…

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