How Our Initial Teams Work


Navigating A Challenging Time


The last eighteen months have been a challenge for businesses all over the world in practically all sectors. This certainly rings true for the cleaning industry as we have faced many challenges in the face of changing work regulations, country lockdown rules, and so on.

While a lot of us could work from home, this was not the case for our cleaning teams and our initial teams. They carried out their work to high-quality professional standards, all while obeying and navigating the changing environments across Europe due to the pandemic.


Initial Team Experience Comes to the Fore


Our initial teams usually are heavily involved in store openings and the change of hands phase of new client sites to ensure excellent cleaning standards are provided.

However, these moments were not as frequent over the course of the last year and a half. This was due to new shop openings and site progression being slowed down. Our initial teams were available to carry out intensive cleaning operations at short notice for several high-profile customers in sometimes emergency situations.

Thanks to our initial teams’ expertise and swift, focused way of work these challenging areas all had their cleaning standards met and improved, all with short notice. Our clients were satisfied with the quality of the service received, as well as how prompt our teams were to provide it.


Looking Forward


In a perfect world, our initial teams would have continued working in the way they always have. Since that was not a possibility, they embraced the challenges and changes that came with this turbulent time and delivered outstanding service to our customers. They adapted and proved their resilience at a demanding time and showed what an exceptionally valuable part of our company and our team they are and will remain in the future.