Initial Cleaning Teams

Our Initial Cleaning Teams are mobile and agile. They act as an elite cleaning team and can be utilised before a store opening or an important event to give interiors a complete rejuvenation and intense clean. They travel regularly to sites all across Europe to deliver specialist cleaning services.

The Initial Cleaning Teams are a highly trained specialist cleaning crew and have received accreditations from the London Academy of Cleaning. They report directly to our Senior Operations Team and can be used for weeks at time to prepare a store for opening.

Industrial Cleaning Team

Our Industrial Cleaning Teams offer a wide range of services tailored to the clients’ needs Some of the industrial cleaning services we offer include:

  • External window cleaning
  • Floor maintenance
  • Data Centre Cleaning
  • Floods, accidents, unscheduled requests

The Industrial Cleaning Team are a specialised crew and have received extensive training, including accreditations from the London Academy of Cleaning. They are a reactive team and will ready and waiting to respond when the unexpected occurs.