Retail Cleaning Service

Retail Cleaning Services

CCS have been delivering service excellence for customers in the retail sector for 50 years.

We work with many well-known high-street retail brands.

Retail cleaning is not without its challenges, particularly around local legislation and employees ‘right to work’. Transparency and compliance are essential to ensure we meet the legal requirements. We focus on what’s important to our customers and ensuring that their site always reaches its full potential.


Let’s discuss your retail cleaning requirements.

We specialise in daily, weekly and tailored contract cleaning services.

Retail Cleaning Coverage


CCS’ Four Cornerstones of Retail Cleaning

As your cleaning service provider, CCS will develop a custom cleaning schedule that will enhance your customers shopping experience to ensure those first impressions count. We provide daily and monthly audits to ensure the highest standards of cleanliness and compliance.

  • Your store is at the heart of your business. From display windows to fitting rooms, from escalators to lifts, a clean environment is easy and safe to navigate, which enhances the customer shopping experience.

  • Teamwork is a core value at CCS and we embrace your work culture. Establishing a co-operative synergy with your retail team always leads to more productive working relationships.

  • At CCS, we focus on two customers: you, our client; and your end customer. We train our teams to be approachable, engaging and willing to assist your employees and customers should the situation arise.

  • Shared teamwork leads to shared knowledge. As a people-focused company we ensure our employees understand and embrace your company culture, which makes us more effective when we work alongside you.

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ccs cleaning solution - accredentials

ccs cleaning solution - accredentials