At CCS we take our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility seriously. It guides and drives the way we do business and is lived through the company values.  We are committed to striving for excellence in the four pillars of Workplace, Marketplace, Community and Environment.

Our Commitments:

Below are the commitments we make as an organisation and expect all of our teams to support each other in adhering to them

  • We are all equal, there is an open-door policy at all levels in the organisation
  • Equality and diversity is truly lived and valued. We will not tolerate discrimination of any kind under any grounds with any of our staff or stakeholders
  • Opportunities for advancement, learning and personal development
  • Payment of fair wages in line with local laws and regulations of each of our regions
  • We ensure prompt and accurate payment of our staff
  • We will always adhere to the employment law of all our jurisdictions
  • Staff will never be asked to carry out a task that does not meet the highest standards of health and safety
  • We will not tolerate staff being spoken to in a disrespectful way
  • We focus on work life balance and will not tolerate breaches in working time regulations
  • All staff will be properly trained to do their work and supported to reach their potential
  • We regularly communicate with all staff
Market Place:
  • Conformity to the highest standards of ethics in all of our business relations
  • Deal openly with our clients and stakeholders
  • Deliver the highest standards of service and act quickly to rectify any issues
  • Fully conform to the laws of each region we operate in
  • Provide our clients with detailed product knowledge and services
  • Deal fairly and respectfully with all stakeholders
  • Competition is reasonable and based upon the quality, value and integrity of the services being provided


  • We are committed to the development of community and support through sponsorship where possible
  • Generate local employment that is flexible to suit the needs of a diverse range of people
  • Charities are supported through yearly donations
  • Constantly strive to improve our products utilising the latest technologies to reduce waste and consumption
  • Use the minimal amount of product possible to deliver the most sustainable, safe and effective result
  • Concentrates and sachets used wherever possible to ensure minimal volume transportation hence reducing carbon footprint
  • Biodegradable products used where possible
  • IT systems utilised on all client sites to reduce paper usage