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CSR Policy

At CCS our Corporate Social Responsibility Policy is what we consider to be our ‘North Star’. All of our key decisions are guided by it; it keeps us on course and ensures that we arrive where we want to be.

Like a North Star our CSR policy has four cardinal points. CCS revolves around these four fixed points: Workplace, Marketplace, Environment and Community.

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CCS believe that success in business starts with creating a positive company culture. We believe in treating all of our people with fairness, tolerance and honesty. CCS understands that a diverse workplace makes for a better workplace and are honoured to have 89 different nationalities represented across the business. Every single member of our team is valued and we recognise that CCS wouldn’t be the same without our people. We treat everybody that works with us equally and want to help all of our people to reach their full potential. All of our people receive comprehensive training and we guide them along every step of their employment journey with CCS.

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CCS believe in transparency and accountability in business. This means that we always abide by the laws and regulations of whatever jurisdiction we are operating in and always act ethically. Our people are experts in employment legislation and remain abreast of any upcoming changes in policies or best practice. CCS have a culture of transparency and deal openly with all of our clients and stakeholders. We’re accountable for all of the work we carry out and believe in open and respectful communication.

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We’re truly privileged to be in so many wonderful communities across Europe. CCS count ourselves lucky to have a 2,500 strong team working for us, each making up a valuable part of the CCS community. CCS pride ourselves on being a welcoming and inclusive organisation.

CCS want to have a positive impact on the communities we’re a part of and to leave them in better shape than we found them. We fund many community-based initiatives such as sports teams and locally based charities.

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CCS do everything we can to act in an environmentally responsible and sustainable way. We uphold strong environmental policies and practices across the business.

Sustainable cleaning is part of our company ethos and weSustainable cleaning is part of our company ethos and we always look for the safest solutions for our people and our planet.

CCS have made it a priority to clean greener, reduce our plastic usage and shrink our carbon footprint. We’re always looking for other ways we can improve. At CCS we try to embody environmentally conscious principles both in our work and personal lives and encourage all of our people to do the same.

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