Window Cleaning Services

Window Cleaning Services

Window Cleaning Service by CCS Europe

At CCS, we have over 50 years’ experience of window cleaning, our knowledge in this area is extensive. We take pride in our window cleaning credentials and strive to do the best job possible while always remaining flexible to our clients’ needs. All of our cleaning operatives are highly skilled and have completed specialized window cleaning training.

We clean windows using two different methods- depending on what a particular situation calls for. Our team are just as comfortable using advanced window cleaning methods as they are using more traditional approaches.

Wherever possible we are striving to remove ladders from our business- that is why using a high reach window clean system is so beneficial. These systems allow us to clean windows to an exceptional standard while keeping our feet firmly on the ground. The high reach window clean system can reach up to 21 meters from the ground, allowing us to put our operatives’ safety first without compromising on results.

When it is not possible to use these systems, we are not opposed to tradition. We still use the tried and tested method of a window squeegee and scraper. While more time-consuming than the reach and wash systems, the same blemish free and gleaming results are still delivered. Our operatives are versatile and will adapt to the specific requirements of the site and client needs to deliver exceptional window cleaning results.

Whatever your window cleaning needs, at CCS we have a plan that will suit you!

Retail Cleaning Services are often a 24/7 requirement, which is why CCS offer flexible packages to suit your needs.