At CCS we work hard to maintain superior cleaning and customer service standards. We always deliver the highest standards of service and act quickly to resolve any issues. CCS believes open communication is what makes us so good at what we do; we’ll always be open to feedback on how we can do better. We’re adaptable and if we see a better way of doing things, we’ll waste no time in implementing changes to make it happen.

Other Marketplace Polices and Practices


A huge part of maintaining high standards is accountability. CCS are ISO certified in each country we operate in. CCS have an established ISO accreditation for ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 and ISO 9001. This is a benchmark of high standards and best practice in the cleaning industry. We’re proud to have earned our accreditations and work hard to keep them.

Strong Relationships

CCS believes in building longstanding and valuable relationships with our clients. Our clients trust us to provide superior service and know that they will be listened to and treated respectfully and professionally. With over 50 years’ experience in the cleaning industry, we’re proud to have client relationships dating back to the 1960s. In the last five years, we have a 95% retention rate with our clients- no mean feat in such a competitive industry!