We’re so confident in our auditing systems, that we are now offering external standards audits. We’ve spent years (29 to be exact) perfecting and fine-tuning our auditing systems. During this process we discovered that there is no equivalent on the market and saw an opportunity to deliver a measurable system for auditing cleaning standards.

Let’s discuss your cleaning requirements.

The CCS auditing systems gives our clients access to detailed reports and useful scoring frameworks. It’s a cloud-based system meaning that our clients can login anytime, anywhere.

The CCS Audit Teams work with our clients, offering guidance and support throughout the review process. We work in partnership with our clients to generate auditing systems that deliver the highest cleaning standards for their business type.

Our comprehensive approach to auditing means that a specific score is allocated to each cleaning activity and helps our clients to meet and exceed cleaning standards. Our system is adaptable and can be customised to meet the precise needs of our clients. The CCS auditing system has proven to be a huge success for our clients and goes a long way maintaining high-quality cleaning standards.