Sustainable Cleaning

We’re committed to greener cleaning and sustainability and see this as both our responsibility as a business and as the right thing to do.

At CCS sustainable cleaning is at the forefront of our business.

We’re constantly on the lookout for more sustainable ways of doing things. From the products and equipment, we use to our cleaning practices our goal is to clean sustainably and promote greener practices at every stage of our supply chain. This includes reducing our plastic and paper usage and using sustainable cleaning solutions wherever possible.

Let’s discuss your sustainable cleaning requirements.

Compliance with international standards

CCS are also proud to be registered to ISO 14001 for ten years. This is an important international benchmark of standards in Environmental Excellence and means that CCS have thorough and accountable systems in place to manage our environmental impact.



If you hadn’t heard of Tersano yet, you may think it’s too good to be true! The Tersano System is an innovation that’s allowing CCS to move to virtually chemical-free cleaning. It works by converting ordinary tap water into a cleaning solution (stabilized aqueous ozone or SAO to be exact). SAO can then be used as a cleaning and sanitizing solution remaining active for up to two days and thus eliminates the need for multiple cleaning chemicals. This, in turn, means product packaging and data sheets are cut down, creating far less waste and reducing our environmental impact. Tersano is truly changing the way CCS clean and has been recognised the world over for its cleaning potential and sustainability credentials. We are now using the Tersano System across many of our sites with a view to expanding its usage even further.


For us, the i-mop is one of the best innovations in the cleaning industry of recent times. It combines the flexibility of a mop with the power of a scrubber dryer, delivering a powerful clean in places previously off limits to a scrubber dryer. Not only is it extremely flexible it’s also faster than a scrubber-dryer. Its small size and quick drying making it an ideal solution for busy retail environments. At CCS we champion environmentally friendly cleaning solutions and the i-mop certainly fits the bill in this regard. In fact, its fluid control system reduces environmental impact by 75% making every drop of water count.