Green Office

Green Office

At CCS sustainability is deeply ingrained in our company culture. This of course extends to our offices, where operating sustainably and caring for the environment is our priority.

Other Environmental Policies & Practices

Green CleaningLocal Green Initiatives

Our AMIE system has allowed us to store and collate data that was previously held on site in paper folders. Training and accident data reports are also filled out on the AMIE system, virtually eliminating paper. This means that we have reduced our paper usage by 85% across all sites.

Plastic Free

At CCS we believe that even small changes make a big difference and have eliminated plastic bottles and disposable coffee cups from our head office. We gifted each of head office personnel with a branded CCS reusable coffee cup and bottle.

We encourage all our people to take part in the bike to work scheme and many of our head office employees enjoy cycling to and from work every day.