What is AMIE?

AMIE stands for Audits, Machines, Information and e-Learning and is CCS’ purpose-built, all-encompassing software platform. We developed AMIE because we wanted to create a more efficient way of cataloguing site information and to give our clients a usable and intelligent system that would allow for 100% transparency.

Let’s discuss AMIE.

How does it do this?

AMIE catalogues unique data for every single site we operate in. AMIE allows our us to monitor: audits, site issues, safety data sheets, training records, machine data, machines services and much more, it even allows you to check the local weather! Each day using the AMIE system our site supervisors will input a daily audit where they record everything that happened that day. This bridges gaps in information and streamlines all our data in the most accessible way possible.


What are the benefits?

Using AMIE means that any issues are recorded and dealt with in real-time. For example, if an incident occurs onsite our Area Managers will receive immediate email notification and can react proactively. The data collected on AMIE is also really useful for us and allows us to notice patterns or problems on a particular site and build solutions for them.

For our clients AMIE means complete transparency. Clients can login into their account anytime and view audits, safety data sheets, site issues, training records, machine data and more. After all knowledge is power!