At CCS we make it our business to treat all of our people with fairness. We have developed practical and accountable policies to ensure that this is always the case on every site we operate in.

Other Workplace Policies and Practices


CCS are an equal opportunities employer and believe that the right person for the job is the person with the right experience, attitude and qualifications. We have an open-door policy at all levels of the organisation and believe in helping one another wherever possible. CCS foster an egalitarian culture and are proud to be a very diverse organisation.


At CCS it’s so important that our people are respected and treated fairly. A huge part of this ensuring payment of fair wages in line with local laws and regulations of each country we operate in. CCS have taken our payroll in-house; this means that we have full control and transparency over our peoples’ wages and ensures that they are always paid accurately and promptly.

CCS provide comprehensive training for all of our people from our cleaning operatives to our management teams. We have developed unique and straight-forward training programmes for all of our teams. CCS deliver online e-learning courses as well as in person hands-on training programmes.

We regularly promote from within and there are many opportunities for advancement, learning and personal development. Many of our Senior Management Team began their careers with us as cleaning operatives and worked their way up through the business.