As a family business, our people-centric approach is at the core of our culture. Many of our Senior Managers and Directors have worked their way up through the business. This creates an in-depth understanding of the challenges at hand and our customers’ expectations. As such, we recognise the importance of training, supporting and mentoring every employee who comes to work with us.

At CCS, our management structure remains flat, direct and involved. This reassures customers that we know exactly what is required on every job and that all of our expertise can be brought to bear when needed.

Our team is dedicated to delivering cleaner and safer environments for our clients everyday.

  • David Cullen
    David Cullen Chief Executive Officer
  • Louise Cullen
    Louise Cullen Chief Operating Officer
  • Bernard Pollard
    Bernard Pollard Finance Director
  • Agnieszka Jakubczak
    Agnieszka Jakubczak Group Compliance Manager
  • Stephen Buckmaster
    Stephen Buckmaster Area Manager Ireland
  • Hollie Bowles
    Hollie Bowles HR Business Partner
  • Aisling Cullen
    Aisling Cullen Marketing Department
  • Bartosz Majewski
    Bartosz Majewski Area Manager
  • Dominik Ksiazak
    Dominik Ksiazak HR Department
  • Emma Cullen
    Emma Cullen Accounts Team
  • Ewelina Sawicka
    Ewelina Sawicka Payroll Department
  • Gerard Boyd
    Gerard Boyd Customer Service Manager
  • Regina Morris
    Regina Morris Payroll Administrator DE
  • Hilary Keenan
    Hilary Keenan Financial Controller
  • Jamie Maxwell
    Jamie Maxwell Group EHS Manager
  • Jeffrey Blake
    Jeffrey Blake Data Analyst
  • Jimmy Hussain
    Jimmy Hussain Head of initials
  • Jonah Hu
    Jonah Hu Operations Manager
  • Karina Waters
    Karina Waters Marketing
  • Larry Cullen
    Larry Cullen Head of Industrials in Ireland & UK
  • Mary Lawlor
    Mary Lawlor Payroll Administrator NL
  • Ciaran Condren
    Ciaran Condren Group Head of HR
  • Seamus OConnor
    Seamus OConnor Payroll Manager
  • Suzanne Carroll
    Suzanne Carroll Accounts Administrator
  • Sylvia Andrianova
    Sylvia Andrianova Receptionist
  • Lee McMurray
    Lee McMurray Project Operations Manager
  • Martijn Hornsveld
    Martijn Hornsveld Netherlands Country Operations Manager
  • Sebastian Rachwalski
    Sebastian Rachwalski Senior European Operations Manager
  • Julian Colton
    Julian Colton Director of Business Development & Operations
  • Paul Cullen
    Paul Cullen Group Operations and Development Manager
  • Brygida Szeliga
    Brygida Szeliga HR Department
  • Patrick Nonnekens
    Patrick Nonnekens European HR Business Partner
  • Lukasz Ryzanowski
    Lukasz Ryzanowski UK Country Manager
  • Patrick Holthuijsen
    Patrick Holthuijsen NL Area Manager
  • Lien Dinh
    Lien Dinh European HR Lead
  • Christina Wariwoda
    Christina Wariwoda European HR Team