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At CCS, we are fully aware of the unique challenges that data centre cleaning presents. That is why we always adhere to the highest of standards and most stringent of guidelines.  Our CCS teams have attained internationally recognised certification in ‘Data Centre Technical Cleaning’ from the London Cleaning Academy. This means that our teams are required to clean to a particle count of 1:1000 in data centre rooms and always adhere to these guidelines.

CCS implicitly understands the importance of security and privacy when it comes to allowing outside contractors access to your premises. All of our CCS Smart Cleaning Team operatives are thoroughly vetted and always have all of the necessary documentation. CCS internal vetting procedures include a screening of all potential candidates during the recruitment phase, this includes reference checking. Also, through our recruitment procedure, all identification documents are vetted and verified. Our teams can work at hours that work for you, offering a professional, non-disruptive service.

CCS Cleaning are Server Room Cleaning Experts

Here at CCS Cleaning we are fully equipped and capable of carrying out high-quality server room cleaning. Our teams of highly trained data centre cleaning experts are experienced and knowledgeable when it comes to these kinds of specialist cleaning jobs.

Prioritising cleanliness in your server room is important to the overall health and smooth-running of your business. Unfortunately, poor server room hygiene can have a direct negative impact on your business in the form of system breakdowns.

Our comprehensive server room cleaning service is designed to tackle all of the most common problems in server rooms and can prevent problems before they arise. This pragmatic and efficient approach to server room cleaning will ensure that your server room is getting the care and attention that it deserves.

At CCS we will design a server room clean tailored to the needs of your business, and always remain adaptable when it comes to our clients’ requirements.