4D Cleaning Services

4D Cleaning

We have divided the cleaning of a space into 4 dimensions.

1D Floors – 2D Walls and ceiling – 3D Furniture – 4D Indoor air

These 4 dimensions influence how clean a room is. If you only clean one dimension, the dirt from the other dimension will affect the complete cleaned area. In a recent study carried out by i-team global they have seen that an ATP tested clean floor was dirty again after just two hours. The interesting part is that the dirt wasn’t created by people walking on the floor. The dirt came directly from the air in which we all breath. The air I hear you say? Yes the air! We often don’t realise that indoor air is often filled with pollution. These particles eventually settle on the floor, furniture and walls so you will keep on having to clean them over and over again. That’s why we make the invisible visible. By knowing the problem areas in any room you will know how you can get it clean. Only when you approach cleaning in a holistic way you can achieve a REAL clean result.

The dimensions translated into machines.

We take these dimensions into account when we develop our machines. Our goal is to provide our customers with a range of cleaning tools that each specialize in a certain or multiple dimension(s). The tools need to work together and complement each other. This leads to lower investments and can make any cleaning routine more efficient.

Let’s explore the 4 dimensions in more detail

1. Floors

Cleaning floors is one of our main jobs of a cleaner and usually the most time consuming. We have developed smart solutions and a systematic approach, so we can become more efficient. In addition, we’ve also thought of ways to make floors noticeably cleaner, more hygienic and less harmful for the environment.

2. Walls and Ceiling

Cleaning walls and ceilings is part of the cleaning maintenance of a business. Depending on your industry, they are exposed to numerous contaminants like dirt, dust and grease that all call for smart solutions.

3. Surfaces

Cleaning surfaces is also a big part of a cleaning job. Whether it’s in a hotel, restaurant, shop or airports they all have multiple types of surfaces to worry about. Different surfaces have unique properties and often need to be maintained by various cleaning techniques.

4. Indoor Air

When we think about cleaning, the air is often overlooked. Indoor air pollution includes things like dust, particles generated from lots of appliances such as cooking stoves and can contain organisms such as dust mites, mold’s, bacteria and viruses.



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