No longer lo-tech

Cleaning is no longer lo-tech, by Jamie Maxwell, CCS Environmental Health and Safety Manager. 

An Environmental Health and Safety Manager in the cleaning industry is a role with an abundance of responsibilities to shoulder. From preparing for audits, to ensuring all employees are trained and compliant with best practice, there is a lot at stake for an Environmental Health and Safety Manager.

Well at CCS our goal was to unburden and better manage the expectations of the poor, overstretched Environmental Health and Safety Manager. Which in the case of CCS just happens to be me; Jamie Maxwell.

We also wanted to deliver a usable and intelligent system that offered full transparency to our clients. This is where our Audits, Machines, Information and E-learning system or ‘AMIE’ for short, can really shine and make a real difference to both our clients businesses and to our own.

AMIE has changed everything for CCS.

With AMIE we can now catalogue unique data for every single site that we operate in. It is an integrative solution that records and stores all relevant information on our sites. It takes the tedium out of filing and storing staff documents and makes them easily accessible to our management team.

Our site supervisors use AMIE at the end of every single shift and must complete daily audits where they record everything that occurred on site that day.

This diary keeping method ensures that all problems or issues are compiled in real time and give us the foresight to act quickly when we need to.  If an accident or incident is recorded during the daily audit our managers will receive immediate email notification, allowing them to react proactively. Meaning that there is no waiting around between the incident occurring and it being reported.

The beauty of AMIE is that our clients also have their own unique accounts. Clients can securely login to AMIE, anywhere, anytime, to view their accounts.

From the client dashboard it quick and easy to view everything pertaining to their site.

AMIE allows our clients to monitor: audits, site issues, safety data sheets, training records, machine data, machines services and much more, it even allows you to check the local weather!

All of this data is just a click away and sits in the document library, available in all of the languages of the countries we operate in. It provides real information in real time.

“We wanted to provide uninterrupted service for our clients, which is why AMIE has been so successful, it means our clients can access current information pertaining to their sites whenever they want to.”, Michael Mousley CCS Chief Technology Officer, reflecting on what he what he loves about the AMIE system.

We also recognize that our systems are only as good as the users behind them. This is why training our people to effectively use AMIE is absolutely fundamental to its success. We devote our time and resources to ensure that all of our site supervisors and area managers are completely up to speed on and comfortable with using AMIE.

The data that the system collects is actually really useful and feeds us information that we can analytically use to improve our business and update AMIE to be even more intelligent.

For example, it allows us to recognise patterns or problem areas in a clients’ site and allows us to build solutions for them.

  • Maybe there is a reason that the site has had a lower than average audit score?
  • Do we have the correct number of staff?
  • Perhaps more training is required?
  • Is there a HR issue that needs to be resolved?

With AMIE all of these incidents would be noted in real time so that our staff can get to work quickly on creating workable solutions.

AMIE has been amazing for CCS and for our clients too. It empowers our clients by delivering detailed information about their sites allowing them to focus on more pressing matters; content in the knowledge that any issues that may arise will be noticed immediately and dealt with accordingly.

This system has been a huge stride for CCS; our pragmatic approach to environmental health and safety differentiates us from our competitors and keeps us one step ahead of the game.



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