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Commercial Cleaning Case Study

Commercial Cleaning Case Study

Commercial cleaning accounts for a large portion of the kind of cleaning CCS carry out. Commercial cleaning requires planning, consistency and attention to detail. Commercial cleaning can mean anything from delivering the cleaning service in a modern art gallery, to providing a cleaning service for retail spaces like shopping centres or individual stores. For this particular store we designed a cleaning plan that was tailored to the store’s exact specifications. This meant we had to consider how many hours and cleaning personnel would be dedicated to this store as well as choosing suitable cleaning products and equipment.

Message from our CEO

“Teamwork, forward thinking and planning are essential in the cleaning industry. Our cleaning solutions are thought-out and considered and we take time to design a unique plan that works for each client.”

Here Agnieszka Jakubczak our Group Compliance Manager talks us through the process.

“Cleanliness has a direct influence on how customers perceive your premises. Our clients want one thing from CCS, high standards of cleaning delivered at a competitive price. CCS are in various commercial businesses across Europe every day of the week. The nature of this type cleaning means that we stick to a consistent and strategic cleaning schedule.”

The Specs

From the initial survey we understand that this premises would need a consistent and uniform cleaning service delivered seven days a week. It is a busy retail premises in the heart of a bustling shopping centre, that sees higher footfalls on weekends and bank holidays. When making the plan for this store we divided it into sections. Each of our cleaning personnel is responsible for cleaning one section during their shift. This approach means that we clean in a logical and repetitive way with each employee knowing where their responsibilities lie. It’s the most efficient way to clean, sections are prioritised based on frequency and need to be cleaned; meaning that some jobs are carried out daily and others once or twice a week.

The Challenges

A commercial clean like this one needs to be completed in short window of time, just two hours. This means that in order for the service to flow seamlessly, organisation and prior planning are key. Maintaining high standards in such a short time frame can be demanding, but our teams’ smart approach and sectional cleaning ensure we always deliver. Our sectional cleaning plans are broken up into daily, weekly and monthly tasks.

The cleaning takes places from 7am until 9am, right before the store opens and the customers arrive. In order to ensure that all of the jobs are completed on time and to a high standard our teams follow the cleaning schedule and use floor cleaning machines and other tools which improve efficiencies.

Limited amount of time to complete a demanding task before store opening. Maintaining high standards within these timeframes can be challenging but our teams always exceed expectations.

This is a busy store, with stock and deliveries being unloaded onto the shop floor on a daily basis. This can be challenging for our teams, as they must work around this. Oftentimes these goods will be unloaded into a section that has already been cleaned, our teams must be mindful of this and must check and reclean if necessary. Teamwork and prior planning is what makes maintaining standards in a busy environment like this work.

Our Proposal

  • Online Portal
  • Secure Login
  • Real Time Information System
  • Detailed Site-Specific Data

The Results

We achieved our goals and delivered on our commitments to the client. Using a sectional cleaning plan is useful as it allows to stay organised, cooperate and delegate tasks to employees. Every day brings news challenges, but thanks to our innovations, sectional cleaning plans and our dedicated teams we are able to provide commercial cleaning services at the very highest level that satisfied our clients.


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