“Edges, Ledges and Corners”

Are you providing a cleaning service, currently a cleaning operative or perhaps the end user? Maybe you’re the one paying the bills? No matter your position, you know that first impressions can last a very, very long time.

Cleaning is all about making a good impression as soon as someone enters a room. And setting that scene is all about doing those little things that so many people pass by – that single smudge on the window, a cobweb in an unseen corner, the order a room is arranged. Since cleaning operatives have many repetitive tasks to tick off their Schedule of Works – their SoW – every day, it’s essential to keep them engaged and that they take pride in what they do.

We believe this starts with respect. Unless you treat your operatives with respect, you can’t expect them to maintain that level of excellence every day – and why should they? Providing our people the best training is the second step, and this is a continuous process as we are always ready to embrace new and improved ways of doing things. We see these as the building blocks to delivering a service that makes a good first impression every time.

When selecting a new cleaning service provider there are so many aspects that come into play – can they deliver, do they innovate, care about the environment, and how much will they cost, among them. The last thing you want is for the entire operation to be undermined because you didn’t treat your employees with respect, as we all have a duty of care to do so. When that happens, no new piece of machinery, green eco-system or qualifications will mean a thing. It is important to remember that our people – our cleaning operatives are our most valuable asset. At CCS we treat every employee with dignity and make sure that they know they are valued and appreciated.

In such a highly visual sector, attention to detail is key. Even the most untrained cleaning operative – and sadly there are many in the world today – can clean a floor to some degree. But it’s when you take a closer look at the Edges, Ledges & Corners, you’ll discover a much better indicator of quality. These are the little things that so many people pass by, and can make a world of difference when you walk into a factory, shop, school, or wherever it may be.

An engaged and trained cleaning operative will not only deliver a clean and safe environment for the customer.  A clean environment will enhance the experience of your staff and customers. The next time you opt to review your current cleaning service provider, talk to the cleaning operatives. See how they are trained, and are they engaged with not only their company, but yours, too. Take a walk round your own business environment and ask: Edges, Ledges & Corners.

For a cleaning service provider that delivers service excellence designed to meet your needs and your budget, ask for CCS. Smart Team, Smart Clean.



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