At CCS we are continuously investing and seeking innovative ways to bring value to our clients. We regularly attend cleaning exhibitions across the globe in order to bring the best technologies to our customers. Our Smart Teams are agile when it comes to embracing industry innovations. These industry innovations bring incremental improvements to health & safety, productivity and efficiencies.

Before embracing new cleaning technologies, we make sure that we have trialled them ourselves and that they meet our high standards.We believe that all of the innovations we promote can deliver improvements to the sites we service across all European locations.

Equipments in more detail


The traditional method of removing debris from gutters or high dusting involves the use of a ladder- which immediately increases risk.

We use camera vacuums to ensure that you never have to use a ladder for these high-risk jobs again and can see where you are cleaning from the safety of the ground. These vacuums have powerful 3×1000 watt motors and can be used wet or dry. They have strong and durable carbon fibre poles which are also super lightweight so that the user is never placed under unnecessary strain. These camera vacuums are ideal in a retail cleaning environment.


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We use battery backpack vacuums across CCS on a daily basis. We love backpack vacuums, which are ultra-lightweight and are virtually silent meaning that they can be used during the daytime clean. It is an advanced battery-powered design with strong suction that also delivers a superior combination of maneuverability, efficiency and productivity. As well as this these backpack vacuums can deliver two and half times the productivity when compared to a traditional canister vacuum.


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The CCS indoor high reach system enables us to virtually eliminate the use of ladders. We can reach heights of up to 8 meters and poles can be used horizontally and vertically, as required, around escalators and feature lifts.

These high reach poles are ideal for window cleaning and allow our Smart Teams to clean from the safety of the ground. The high reach poles deliver the same high standard of window cleaning while also decreasing risk to the user.


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