antwerp hospitality cleaning case study

Hospitality Cleaning Case Study

We work with many well-known high-street hospitality brands.

Here at CCS, we know the cleaning industry inside-out and have cleaned in several sectors. However, we have noticed that customers and the public are much more invested in cleaning in the hospitality sector. This is because in hospitality, cleanliness and reputation are inextricably linked. After all, who hasn’t declared when talking about an ordinary but not showstopping hotel: ‘at least it was clean!’

Message from our CEO

“We always deliver. We’re consistent, hardworking and professional. It’s our number one priority to ensure our clients are happy with our service.”

Mark Smulders, Head of Business Development and Key Accounts Europe.

“For CCS, the hospitality sector is one of the most rewarding sectors to clean. We love being able to contribute to your guests’ experience positively and helping to make their stay memorable for the right reasons! Our enthusiastic and reliable teams understand the importance of creating warm welcomes and lasting memories. We have the expertise and experience to provide consistent, professional hospitality cleaning services.”

The Specs

Our case study this time takes us to Antwerp, Belgium’s largest city and booming port city known for its commerce and diamond industry. The hotel is situated in the centre of Antwerp and is a comfortable but basic hotel generally frequented by business travellers and people on short city stays.

The Challenges

With any hospitality cleaning service, the biggest challenge lies in the unpredictability of the hospitality industry and the fluctuation in the number of rooms needing to be serviced from one day to the next. This means that we must always prioritise adaptability and have superior management skills to plan for all eventualities. Our teams will deliver the same high-level of cleaning service no matter how many rooms they are servicing on a given day.

Equally as important is remembering that as the cleaning team we too are customer-facing and so much be hospitable and welcoming to all the guests. In the hospitality industry the cleaning team have opportunities to interact with the customers which is not always the case on other sectors. Therefore, we really value our hospitality teams and why finding the right people is essential.

Our Proposal

  • Online Portal
  • Secure Login
  • Real Time Information System
  • Detailed Site-Specific Data

The Results

Cleaning teams are critical for creating pleasant and memorable experiences in the hospitality industry, we understand this, and it informs how we work. Before we hire a new team member, we build a profile for each job and prioritise attributes such as culture fit and adaptability.

Once we have found the right people, who want to be there, we work together to build work programs and frequencies that are bespoke to the needs of each hotel and each space within the hotel too. We use custom-built audit forms to ensure that our service remains consistent and that fluctuations in occupancy has no impact on the service.

Our teams help to create a pleasant and positive atmosphere by maintaining cleanliness, being warm and open, and being adaptable; this, in turn, helps generate return visitors and happy customers!


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