Industrial Cleaning Case Study

Last year CCS completed a wide range of industrial cleaning projects, each with their own unique requirements and challenges. By its definition industrial cleaning is unpredictable and often can involve our emergency response cleaning teams. One such project was the result of a near disaster in which a 24-month redevelopment of an iconic building caught fire two months from completion. Thankfully nobody was injured, but the fire had a huge impact on not only the premises but also on the client, contractors and employees who had invested so much time and energy into the building. When the damage was assessed and what was salvageable identified, we were called upon to bring the smoke damaged areas to a standard whereby trades could operate as normal.

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A Message from our CEO

“Our industrial teams are used to working in difficult circumstances. In high-stress jobs such as this our core focus is on providing a reliable, consistent and professional service.”

“By its nature industrial cleaning is very challenging, as we will often complete one-off projects which have their own site specific and unique characteristics. As a result, CCS industrial teams have gathered a wide range of skills, vast experience and in-depth knowledge of this part of the sector. The variety of work makes it very rewarding as new obstacles present themselves and as a team we adapt, overcome and deliver.”

From the initial survey we understood that this was going to be a project with a difference. The building was is in the heart of the city and very much in the hearts of the locals, so we knew we would have to be sensitive to this as well as endeavour to complete our part of the project. It was a significant landmark steeped in history and very much part of the lure of the city. This motivated us even more, as we wanted to ensure that we preserving and saving the building for locals and future generations.

It was also evident that the contractors who had worked so hard to bring the project to this stage were upset and demoralised. 

This job was considered an emergency and required a fast and decisive response. So, we had to mobilise and prepare extremely quickly. Apart from the standard logistics associated with mobilising our teams, there was also additional training required before our people could access the site. Safety is paramount on a job like this and all of our people had to attend asbestos awareness training and face mask breathing training. Due to the challenging conditions our teams had to wear Personal Protective Equipment as standard. As well as the constraints of additional PPE, the environment in which we were working was physically very demanding.

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We achieved our goals and delivered on our commitments to our clients. The building was cleaned and was brought up to a standard which meant trades could operate as normal.

We learned some new skills and experience which will stand to us going forward and we helped make a difference to a city centre and its people.

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