Making Diversity a Winning Ingredient

CCS are an Irish company of over 3000 people across 8 European countries, with four main operating languages and no fewer than 88 different nationalities on our team! So, it’s fair to say we’re quite a diverse organisation.

At CCS, diversity is our way of life and not something to be managed or tokenised.  The reality is that our teams are extremely diverse. Our teams speak different languages, practice various religions and represent a myriad of cultural backgrounds. Their histories and social norms are complex, yet we all get on and work together.

Respect, inclusion and positivity are fundamental to CCS.

This did not happen by accident. CCS was established in Ireland in 1966.  The Ireland of the 1960s was quite a different place to the Ireland of today and was quite a monocultural society. However, CCS was built on foundations of respect, inclusion and positivity. These cornerstones are still a huge part of CCS today and we pride ourselves on being an inclusive organisation

We have developed a set of company values which support and promote this culture.  Our way of life is to always see the best in people and expect the best, to continually focus on the positives and grow them.

When a company talks about diversity it must live it every day and make it visible in all aspects of the organisation. For us, diversity is an indispensable part of our identity as a company. It is what makes us a success and shapes our business.

At CCS, by seeing and expecting the best in people we have built long-lasting and valuable relationships. Many of our people have been with us for many years and have worked their way up the business.

Where possible we promote from within and promote based on skill, trust and room for growth. Due to the rich diversity of our teams on the ground, there is a large pool of skill to pick from.  Our management team is balanced in terms of gender, race, culture and background. Together we operate with respect, inclusion and for the common good of the company.

The Diversity Charters allows us to implement visible policies that promote diversity and equality across the business.

CCS have signed up to the Diversity Charter in each country we operate in. This was an important step for us and ensures that diversity within the business remains a visible priority for us.

We are committed to diversity. It is a fundamental part of the culture of our business. We want to be obvious to our staff and clients.

We launched the diversity program at the end of 2018 with a video celebrating diversity made by some of our staff. All of our sites have also received copies of the Diversity Charter.  Every new staff member gets a copy of the charter and video in their welcome email. Diversity is a fundamental part of our company culture and will remain so.

For CCS diversity as a way of life is simple, we don’t focus on the difference, we celebrate positivity, inclusion and respect!



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