Retail Cleaning Case Study

Primark Toulouse

Last year CCS carried out thousands of retail cleans, one of our most ambitious projects took us to the South of France. This was not a typical retail clean; the store is housed in a 1930s historic building and spread across four floors. These factors meant that a lot of strategic planning and research went into the project to ensure that we delivered it to the highest possible standard.

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“We always deliver. We’re consistent, hardworking and professional. It’s our number one priority to ensure our clients are happy with our service.”

“Cleaning is at the core of what we do, and retail cleaning makes up a large part of this. Retail cleaning is extremely competitive and its important to operate within agreed budgets. Still, every clean is different and each job presents new challenges to be overcome and problems to be solved. With each job completed our expertise grows. The recent French Initial Cleaning project we completed for an important multinational retail client was no exception.”

From the outset, CCS understood that this Initial Clean project was not completely straightforward.

The retail space is in a refurbished 1930s historic building, which immediately presents some challenges. However, we knew that we could rise to the occasion having delivered many similar projects all across Europe.

We were to provide a cleaning service during the fit-out phase of the 80,000 sq. foot building. The retail space is spread over four floors, which logistically means that more preparation is involved.

As soon as CCS were awarded the contract our team mobilised and were ready to swing into action. From the outside, it may appear simple, however there is a huge amount of work that goes on in the background on a project like this. Planning and preparation are key and our managers each play an important role in this.

Working in France meant that we had to have an in-depth knowledge of the requirements and legislation of the French market. Our management teams coordinated with localised HR and EHS experts to ensure that we were always compliant, operating responsibly and in-line with local legislation.

Next of all, access routes had to be planned and timelines established. Retail cleans like these typically have a quick turnaround period and we knew that we would have to work at a fast and efficient pace within the agreed timeframe.

Our specialist initial clean team were mobilised and the retail cleaning could finally begin. Collaboration, meticulous planning and adhering to local regulations are ultimately what made this particular retail clean such a success.

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The project had its challenges, but we delivered on time, on budget and to a high standard. Our client was extremely satisfied with the retail cleaning and we received very positive feedback that will inform future projects. We ticked all the boxes. They knew that by choosing CCS they were hiring a company with a proven track record across similar projects.

Delivering a sparkling clean store is always an amazing feeling, now onto the next job!

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