Specialist Crew

Specialist Crews

Our Initial Cleaning Teams are mobile and agile. They act as an elite cleaning team and can be utilised before a store opening or an important event to give interiors a complete rejuvenation and intense clean. They travel regularly to sites all across Europe to deliver specialist cleaning services.

The Initial Cleaning Teams are a highly trained specialist cleaning crew and have received accreditations from the London Academy of Cleaning. They report directly to our Senior Operations Team and can be used for weeks at a time to prepare a store for opening.

Our Industrial Cleaning Teams offer a wide range of services tailored to the clients’ needs Some of the industrial cleaning services.

We offer :

  1. Window Cleaning
  2. Floor Maintenance
  3. Data Centre Cleaning
  4. Floods, Accidents, Unscheduled Requests

The Industrial Cleaning Team are a specialised crew and have received extensive training, including accreditations from the London Academy of Cleaning. They are a reactive team and will be ready and waiting to respond when the unexpected occurs.