How Our Initial Teams Work

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initial teams

  Navigating A Challenging Time   The last eighteen months have been a challenge for businesses all over the world in practically all sectors. This certainly rings true for the cleaning industry as we have faced many challenges in the face of changing work regulations, country lockdown rules, and so on. While a lot of… Read more »

Specialised Teams for Data Centres & Clean Rooms

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Expert Teams Data centres and clean rooms are areas where standard cleaning practices simply are not enough to meet the standards needed. CCS understand this and have highly trained teams that are efficient and safe in their approach to cleaning these environments. These are areas that need a high level of care and close attention… Read more »

Cleaners step into the spotlight!

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January is usually a month of spring cleaning and new beginnings, but with the cloud of the pandemic still hanging over us, it is easy to lose sight of this. However, it is important to remain optimistic and recognise the fact that our individual actions have the power to make a great change. This is… Read more »

Teamwork and Finding Strength in Our Differences

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CCS Team Effort

Success in business begins by creating a positive company culture that encapsulates your shared values and goals. Teamwork is one of our shared values and an essential part of the culture of CCS. To see teamwork in all its glory, we like to take inspiration from sports. Watching a football or rugby game, you can… Read more »

Real Life Teamwork in Action

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CCS Cleaning recently completed a large initial cleaning project for one of our French Clients.  This involved providing a cleaning service during the fit-out phase of an 80,000 sq. ft 1930’s retail building. As a company, we have delivered many similar projects across Europe in the past.  However, each project does present individual challenges and… Read more »