Types of Data Centre Cleaning Services

For any commercial organization, data centre forms the most integral part, as the entire database is stored in this room. This is the reason, all businesses hire professional data centre cleaning services provided by reputed agencies. There are manifold services offered by these agencies, ranging from a onetime event to daily/weekly/quarterly maintenance. In accordance to the required level of the cleanliness to maintain a target, the scope of each service is adjusted.

Computer Room Cleaning

Irrespective of the size of the data centre room, maintaining a clean environment is very much essential. Regular cleaning helps to maintain the condition of the highly sensitive equipment, health and safety of the employees, and the overall environmental aesthetics. The cleaning technicians would perform basic cleaning services, which include under-floor plenum cleaning, floor cleaning, exterior hardware cleaning, shelves of the data room cleaning, and such others. This cleaning is scheduled at a fixed interval, so that proper precautions are taken against flood or other natural disasters.

Under Floor Plenum Cleaning

If data centre is the backbone of a commercial organization, the plenum flooring under the data room is the lifeline of it. The under floor plenum provides cool and filtered air, so that the most sensitive equipment remain in perfect condition above. However, due to the gravitational attraction of the earth, dirt and dust are prone to accumulate in this area only. If these are left to accumulate for a longer time the contaminants tend to get carried to the equipment by the air conditioning circulation, which is essential for the operation of the company. As a result, your company meets with increased risk of fire, accidental fire suppressant, discharge, and various health hazards. This is one major reason data centre cleaning at regular interval is an absolute necessity.

Exterior Hardware Cleaning

The data centre cleaning services include a major part – cleaning the exterior of the sensitive hardware. With proven techniques and proper, hardware-friendly solutions, they remove the dirt, dust, zinc dust accumulation, and other contaminants in a controlled environment. They also take care of the things that are not visible to the naked eye. Their environment friendly cleaning solutions ensure that the hardware does not get damaged in any way. They take every possible step in order to guard the hardware against damage, ensuring there is no data loss and the operation of the company is not hampered. They send only experienced technicians after giving them a rigorous training on the hardware cleaning procedure. In order to keep your expensive equipment protected against all types of hazards, you need to make sure that the data centre cleaning is done by the best agency. You can find a list of such top agencies online. One you short down your list to top three, you can ask their representatives to visit your office and give you an estimate on the cleaning budget. You should also ask for references, where the same kind of equipment and other things have been serviced by them. Once you are fully satisfied, you can proceed for a cleaning contract with them.



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