Choosing an Excellent Retail Cleaning Provider

Does your business require the services of a retail cleaning provider? If you are a medium to large enterprise then it is likely that the answer is yes. The cleaning industry is a crowded one with many companies offering their services, so how can you be assured that you are working with one of the very best companies out there and getting best quality and value.

Cleaning is a vital service for most businesses, but this is even truer for retail businesses. The value of a clean store is priceless- customers are much more likely to shop in a store that they feel is being maintained and cleaned regularly. On the other hand, customers will be deterred from entering your business if it is not clean and presentable. In a busy retail environment its vital that you have an efficient and productive cleaning team that you can trust.

Attention to detail is key and your customers will be sure to notice if the mirrors, light fixtures and wall claddings are spotlessly clean and shining brightly. A professional cleaning company will offer meticulous professionalism that goes hand in hand with a keen attention to detail. This is why it’s so important that you hire a retail cleaning services company with a reputation for outstanding cleaning results and quality service. An excellent cleaning company should not only provide superior cleaning results but also focus on delivering outstanding customer service. This means being adaptable to your business’ needs and keeping all channels of communication open.

What services should they be carrying out?

Before your cleaning provider carries out any cleaning on your site, the first thing they should do is complete a detailed site survey. During this survey, they will be able to determine what kind of services your business requires, as well as how many people you will require on your cleaning team. This site survey will also allow them to determine how frequently your store needs to be cleaned and how often certain deep-clean jobs such as window cleaning need to be scheduled.

A typical retail cleaning service involves daily tasks such as dusting, mirror cleaning, hoovering, mopping and rubbish disposal. For most businesses, these are the tasks that will need to be taken care of every day. As well as this your cleaning provider should be able to take care of more demanding tasks such as high glass and window cleaning. Typically tasks like these do not need to be carried out as frequently. These tasks are usually done before store opening hours in order to prepare the store for customers arriving. However, many companies like these offer flexible options and will also offer the possibility of having some cleaning staff working during store opening hours. This ensures that there is always someone there to respond to emergency situations such as spillages and emptying overflowing bins. By having someone there during opening hours it can be guaranteed that your store remains presentable and clean throughout the entire day. This is reactive service is ideal for a busy retail environment.

A professional company will have the requisite tools and know-how to carry out these tasks to an impeccable and superior standard. Many of these kinds of companies will have invested in their business and be familiar with all the latest cleaning industry innovations. Their team leaders should be able to suggest cleaning equipment or tools that can help to improve efficiencies and drive increased productivity. These days, there is a lot more to professional cleaning than an old-fashioned mop and bucket and cleaning companies need to move with the times.

Their highly-trained staff will be committed to ensuring that they do the best job possible and maintain high standards of clean at all times. Health and safety should be a priority for a company like this and they should provide ongoing and consistent training to all of the personnel. This ensures that they are working safely and always adhering to industry best practice and demonstrates that they care about their employees’ welfare.

By choosing a company that puts safety first you will be de-risking your business and be ensuring that exceptional cleaning results are delivered in the safest way possible.



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