The Circular Economy and the Cleaning Industry

Lately, there has been a lot of talk about the circular economy. But what is it and how does this have implications for the cleaning industry? Currently, we are in the midst of climate crisis and every day we hear a new frightening statistic about the fate of our planet. We are told that we all must play our part by adapting to live in a more sustainable and environmentally conscious way.

Many people view the circular economy as being an essential component in this. The circular economy is an alternative to the traditional and unsustainable linear model. The linear system works like this; products are made, they are used and finally, they are thrown away. It’s plain to see that a system like this is reckless and not sustainable.

The vital difference with the circular economy is that it mimics the cyclical patterns of nature. Sustainability is introduced into products and they ideally produce no waste. If waste is created it’s returned to earth in its benign form, for example, compostable packaging.

Single-use plastic is the principal villain in the linear economy. The cleaning industry is heavily reliant on single-use plastic. For years all manner of cleaning products has been contained in single-use bottles. These bottles have a short life-span and are usually thrown away and replaced with a new plastic bottle as soon as they are finished. Harsh cleaning chemicals that damage the environment and are returned to the waterways are also a longstanding staple of the cleaning industry.

The tide has turned and thankfully there are now viable alternatives to these destructive products.

Sustainable cleaning is now a reality. There are many amazing solutions available that are disrupting the cleaning industry and the way people think about sustainable cleaning.

Tersano iClean mini

The Tersano System is one such product. It’s so amazing that it sounds too good to be true! It works by converting ordinary tap water into an effective cleaning and sanitizing solution. When you consider the number of traditional cleaning products it eliminates, the environmental benefits are astounding. As well as preventing harmful chemicals from ending up in our waterways, Tersano also greatly reduces single-use plastic and product packaging.

Another solution that CCS is delighted to champion, is the Sachet System. It’s the first complete range of cleaning products, delivered in water-soluble capsules. The sachet system is phosphate-free and 100% bio-degradable meaning that no waste is created. It also comes packaged in biodegradable cardboard, making this a completely circular product.

The cleaning industry still has some way to go if it wants to become a more circular industry. However, solutions like Tersano and The Sachet System are changing things for the better and prove that effective sustainable cleaning is 100 % achievable.

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