A Guide to Clean and Maintain Hygiene in the Hospitality Industry

Cleaning in the hospitality industry is not just about aesthetics. It’s about creating a safe and healthy environment for guests, employees, and visitors. This is crucial in the hospitality industry; a rigorous cleaning and sanitizing process ensures everything from spotless hotel rooms to disinfecting highly touched premises.

In another way, good hygiene practices are fundamental to the hospitality sector. It’s a cornerstone of maintaining the health and safety of all and enhancing customer experience.

Thus, hospitality cleaning is a core factor that positively influences the reputation and success of a hospitality brand.

In this article, we will share a cleaning guide for hospitality premises. Here, you will find some smart tips and valuable methods for maintaining guest rooms, dining areas, and common areas in the hospitality sector.

So, keep reading to gain more insights into cleaning hotels and hospitality outlets.

Understand The Hospitality Cleaning  

The hospitality sector is vibrant and expansive, with bars, hotels, resorts, holiday inns, and more. Hospitality cleaning plays a core role in ensuring cleanliness and hygiene in this customer-focused industry, h. A well-maintained premises in the hospitality sector promotes good health. It reduces the chance of contamination and enhances customer satisfaction and confidence in relevant brands.

Impact Of Hospitality Cleaning on Customer Satisfaction

Hospitality cleaning prioritizes creating a visually spotless and inviting environment for guests. Customers of the hospitality sector emphasize cleanliness and health safety. They judge a premise based on its appearance. 

An exceptional experience can create a lasting impression on guests. It results in a memorable experience for customers, stimulating positive reviews and repeat business.

What Key Areas That You Should Clean In The Hospitality Industry?

Hospitality cleaning does not miss any single corner. It involves meticulous attention to single details in the following key areas:

Guest Rooms

  • Bedding and Linens

After guests' checkout or before check-ins, pillows, bedding, and comforters should be cleaned and laundered.

  • Surfaces and Furniture

Clean furniture, remote controls, switches, dressers, nightstands, and other highly touched surfaces.

  • Floors and Carpets

Vacuum and clean the hard floors and carpet flooring. Freshen up and disinfect the upholsteries.


These highly contaminated areas need special attention. Disinfect the floors and toilet bowls, knobs and mirrors. Don’t forget to sanitize bathtubs and sinks and refill the toiletries.

Common areas

  • Lobbies and reception

Guests and visitors get the first impression in lobbies. So, lobbies need to be kept clean. To maintain lobbies at their best version, clean all surfaces regularly. Daily, sanitize the reception desk, mop and dusk floors, and surfaces.

  • Restrooms

It’s a high-traffic area, as people wait in restrooms before checking into rooms. Clean the restroom area regularly, replace the toiletries, and freshen up the appearance every shift.

  • Hallways and Stairways and Elevators

Vacuum the carpets, corners, and crevices and wipe down walls, highly touched railings, and switches in elevators to stop contamination.

Dining Areas

Dining space must reflect the commitment towards cleanliness and health safety. Guests can easily pass judgment on a brand’s reputation if they have a negative experience in dining areas. To ensure stringent cleaning protocols, follow this checklist:

  • Restaurants, cafes, and bars

Seats, serving counters, cutleries, and props must be cleaned adequately by hostile cleaners, janitors, and housekeepers.

  • Kitchen

Follow stringent disinfecting methods in kitchens and food preparation areas.

  • Replace table cloth and ware

Replace the used and damaged tablecloths and tableware and disinfect the highly touched surfaces.

Other core areas in hospitality centres where the focus should be:
  • Meeting and conference rooms

Clean and tidied up the space before and after use.

  • Gyms and fitness centres

Disinfect the equipment, floors, and surfaces in change rooms and regularly clean the washrooms.

  • Swimming pools

Clean and maintain the chemical balance throughout hygiene.

What Are The Best Practices For Hospitality Cleaning?

Choose The Right Procedure

Two standard procedures in hospitality cleaning are following a regular cleaning schedule and maintaining a deep cleaning method. Dusting, mopping, sweeping, and disposing of waste are part of the regular cleaning schedule. On the other hand, deep cleaning is conducted thoroughly in particular areas to tackle stubborn dirt and stains.

Gather the Right Cleaning Products

Consider using green cleaning products to maintain high hygiene and safety standards. These products do not contain harmful chemicals, allowing the hospitality industry to minimize its carbon footprint. Your hotel premises will be a better workplace for staff and the safest place for guests to stay.

Using a commercial-grade disinfectant is also crucial in hotel cleaning. In this post-pandemic era, ensuring hygiene and eliminating the risk of contamination is paramount.

Focus On Training of Staffs And Compliance

Proper training for cleaning personnel and adhering to health and safety compliance are as critical as selecting the best methods and suitable products. So, make sure to give skill training to your staff. Make them proficient in operating the right tools or techniques to conduct their regular duties. Conduct regular audits of safety regulations and thoroughly inspect every aspect to mitigate the threats.

Follow a cleaning Schedule

An effective cleaning schedule is necessary to sustain cleanliness and a welcoming atmosphere on the hotel premises. So, segregate the cleaning schedule as follows:

Daily Cleaning Checklist

Enlist daily cleaning operations such as vacuuming, mopping, disinfecting, or deep sanitizing the public spaces here. The list is vast and dynamic, reflecting the changing needs of hospitality embellishment.

Weekly and Monthly Cleaning Tasks

Weekly or monthly cleaning tackles areas that do not receive daily cleaning treatments. Hard-to-reach areas in kitchens, HVAC systems, appliances, and windows are cleaned weekly or monthly.

Seasonal Deep Cleaning

Seasonal deep cleaning occurs bi-annually, less frequently, or as needed. The most common parts of seasonal deep cleaning are carpet shampooing, pressure washing, floor polishing, and cleaning upholsteries.

Address the Special Circumstances

Hotels, spas, and bars are hubs of bustling activities. However, exceptional circumstances can arise at any time and get things out of control. To tackle such a situation, keep an emergency response strategy ready. Ensure the plan is appropriate for contaminated areas or handling hazardous or sensitive material.

Final Thought

Keeping a well-organized cleaning schedule and implementing stringent cleaning protocols is crucial for your hospitality business. By doing these, you will maintain a high standard of hygiene and cleanliness in your hospitality embellishments. As a result, the place will carry a pleasant ambiance and make guests feel safe. The more you satisfy customers, the easier it will be to thrive in the hotel business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Although several industry standards and accreditations are available across the hospitality cleaning industry, ISO registration is a profound and prestigious accreditation sign of expertise in the hotel cleaning industry.

Yes, be it using green cleaning products, waste recycling methods, or consuming less water and energy, all these practices help hospitality cleaning services experts contribute to sustainability.

Popular hotel housekeeping methods include sweeping, dusting, damp dusting, dry and spot mopping, wet and damp mopping, suction cleaning, spot cleaning, and more.

Cleanliness ensures a clean, hygienic, odor-free, and comfortable experience for guests on hospitality premises. It maintains the ambiance and eliminates any kind of face loss that brands may face due to low-quality and filthy environments.



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