Office Deep Cleaning Checklist For A Spotless Workplace

Maintaining cleanliness and a sanitized place matters for offices. Employees feel safe and energetic while working in a pristine office building, and a clean and inviting atmosphere creates a positive impression on visitors and business partners. 

But thorough office cleaning can be daunting, as there is much to do. This blog will explore an office deep cleaning checklist to streamline the efforts.

So, let’s start!

What is Office Deep Cleaning?

Office deep cleaning refers to deep cleaning in office premises or commercial workplaces. Unlike regular cleaning, deep cleaning aims to achieve a high standard of hygiene in every corner of the premises. 

From every visible to hidden part, focus to non-focus area deep cleaning covers every nook and cranny in any office premises. 

Deep cleaning entails detailed and extreme cleaning efforts to shine every overlooked area in work facilities. In most office environments, these deep cleanings typically happen biannually or quarterly –at its core, typically one to two times a year.

Let’s take an example of deep office cleaning on corporate premises. How will it be conducted? First, cleaners will declutter the space. Then, they will inspect the area and take action in every section. 

Polishing the hard floors, shampooing carpets, rugs, and upholsteries, restoring damaged floors, and scrubbing surfaces—an office deep cleaning checklist covers every aspect of cleaning. It ensures that every place, even the windows in office premises, is free from stains, dust, and contamination.

Why Should You Deep Clean Office?

When the pandemic occurs, we start realizing the worth of our health. When we enter a public space, we become very conscious about touching surfaces. Health safety has become an indispensable part of our lives. Hygiene is paramount, be it in homes or workplaces.

Maintaining hygiene and cleanliness at home is easy. But when it comes to maintaining hygiene in commercial spaces, things go beyond tight control and present unique challenges.

Only daily and seasonal deep cleaning protocols can prolong the hygiene of office premises. With the help of janitors, regulars can be managed. But do in-house janitors are experts at cleaning offices at a profound level? No, only deep cleaning by professionals with expert tools and methods achieves this.

Deep cleaning eliminates the germs and bacteria that accumulate on surfaces. It brings a pristine shine to focus and overlooked areas and reflects the company's commitment to maintaining a hygienic work environment. 

Office deep cleaning efforts aim to rejuvenate the office to its as-new condition.

  • At its core, by deep cleaning office premises, one can achieve:
  • Upheld the professional images
  • Extended life span of office assets
  • Compliance with health standards
  • Conductive office spaces
  • Ensuring the well-being of employees

Daily Office Cleaning Checklist

Daily cleaning in offices is crucial to maintaining tidiness in office facilities. We know we have promised to talk only about deep cleaning, but let’s face the truth. Without daily cleaning, deep cleaning will remain a halfhearted effort. 

Regular cleaning scheduling entails dusting and sweeping across surfaces and premises, sprucing on windows, and cleaning toilets and trash bins. Regular cleaning ensures the office settings remain clean, tidy, and hygienic on a day-to-day basis.

Daily office cleaning tasks’ checklist involves the following jobs:

Office and reception areas:

  • Moping, vacuuming, and dusting floors around workstations
  • Cleaning in receptions and office floors
  • Disposing, replacing, or emptying dust bins
  • Sweeping and vacuuming hard floors 
  • Cleaning windows, sprucing up the mirrors
  • Vacuuming upholsteries, rungs, and carpets
  • Removing watermarks, joints, fingerprints, and more
  • Dusting the furniture, devices, computers
  • Disinfecting the door knobs, highly touched areas and fixing the lights
  • Cleaning and up-keeping the entrance and exit

Bathroom and Restroom 

  • Disposing of trash bins
  • Cleaning toilet bowls and surrounding floors
  • Disinfecting toilets and urinals
  • Cleaning and disinfecting bathroom surfaces, restroom surfaces including door knobs, accessories, and hand dryer
  • Clean watermarks, and divisions, and mop the tile or wood flooring.

Kitchen and Pantry

  • Emptying and replacement of garbage bins
  • Wipe down the floors, countertops, appliances
  • Disinfecting the highly touched surfaces (door knobs, sinks, tables)
  • Cleaning the coffee makers and microwave

Monthly Checklist

As we told you, with regular cleaning, maintaining a monthly deep cleaning checklist for office is crucial. It enhances the hygiene of premises and covers areas that janitors overlook.

Here is the checklist to clean offices monthly:

  • Polish all hard floors and restore the damaged floors
  • Clean interior and exterior of windows
  • Sanitizing the devices, floors, and surfaces thoroughly
  • Deep cleaning countertops in pantry, shelves, carpets, rungs and upholsteries
  • Specialized treatment as needed

Quarterly Cleaning Tasks

Here is an office deep cleaning checklist for quarterly schedules:

  • Cleaning, buffing, and polishing the floors in focus areas
  • Deep cleaning carpets
  • Deep cleaning drapes, upholstery
  • Cleaning HVAC system

Preserve Office Hygiene With The CCS Team

CCS cleaning team offers a range of office cleaning services. Our highly skilled team of cleaners helps office and commercial workplaces stay clean, spotless, and sanitary year-round. Whether you need regular maintenance or monthly or biannual deep cleaning, we can handle it. Book a free quote today to learn more!

Frequently Asked Questions

Plan the cleanup activities, coordinate and communicate instructions, work well with the team, and gather supplies to organize a cleanup day in your Office.

Navigate online platforms, listings and leverage on networks to find office deep cleaning services near your location.

Mopping, vacuuming, sweeping, disposing of trash, and sanitizing highly touched surfaces are the core tasks of daily office cleaning.



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