Specialised Teams for Data Centres & Clean Rooms

Expert Teams

Data centres and clean rooms are areas where standard cleaning practices simply are not enough to meet the standards needed. CCS understand this and have highly trained teams that are efficient and safe in their approach to cleaning these environments. These are areas that need a high level of care and close attention in terms of cleaning. All team members for CCS who work in these environments have undergone comprehensive training. This ensures they understand the requirements involved for these specialist areas. Contamination control is so important. This is something CCS are keenly aware of when operating in either data centres or clean rooms.


Compliance & Standards

CCC adhere to ISO 14644, which determines air cleanliness in relation to the number of particles expressed as a concentration in the total air volume. Importantly, CCS also complies with the standard method of testing to establish cleanliness class. This includes sampling a selection of locations. Different areas may have to meet different cleanliness classes within this methodology, so in short, CCS have an understanding that when cleaning these spaces, it should be ensured that the concentration of airborne particles is controlled. We understand that the ongoing monitoring of air standards is essential to remain compliant with the standards of ISO 14644.



Data centres and clean rooms can have varying levels of service needed from site to site. CCS are aware of this and are fully committed to working alongside the customer to ensure their precise needs are being met. CCS coordinate strategic work plans to ensure all our operatives follow protocols and adhere to the agreed plan provided. This means we can consistently provide a smart, tailor-made plan that works for each individual site.

CCS have the experience, technology, and systems in place to continually provide excellent cleaning standards and meet regulations in data centres and clean rooms.