Taking Care of our Teams During the Pandemic

One thing CCS has always been good at is adapting; the COVID-19 crisis meant we had no choice but to make changes and make them quickly. Our ultimate goal was to retain our people and do our best to look after them in this, hopefully once in a lifetime crisis.

This was a stressful time for everyone, to ease this stress we communicated openly and frequently with our teams. We shared news and regular updates to ensure that our people knew we were thinking of them and to keep them informed of any changes. We also entered government schemes in eight countries to ensure that our people received the correct benefits.

Key to our response was we had the management expertise in place to deal with the crisis. Our HR Teams are adept in the complexities of EU labour law and legislation, and so were able to look after our people promptly and diligently.

Some of our amazing front line team members continued to work throughout the crisis. We ensured that they received full training and support and wore the correct PPE at all times.

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When the time came for all our teams to return to work, they were prepared and the transition was seamless. CCS also supported many of our clients with pre-opening cleans as well as providing a professional daily cleaning service.

Cleanliness and meticulous hygiene have proven to be one of the main defences against the spread of COVID-19. The pandemic highlighted just how crucial cleaners are in everyone’s lives and the challenging situations they can be faced with.

We’re proud of how we responded to the crisis, and one positive we can take from it is the incredible sense of collaboration and togetherness that was so evident on our teams.

– David Cullen, CEO & Louise Cullen, COO