Technology Integration in the Work from Home Era

When the pandemic began, everyone around the world had to adjust their behaviours. The landscape of work changed overnight, with countless people suddenly having to work from home.

For CCS, one of the major challenges was the fact that cleaning is a business that must take place on the ground. When our clients closed their doors, it meant that our cleaning teams could not do their jobs. Instead, we focused on what we could do.

Many of our management team were able to work remotely; however, this was of course, not possible for the heart of the business; our cleaners. While most of our cleaners were unable to work, we did what we could by preparing for when they could return to work.

We offered accessible online training about working safely, PPE, and our new cleaning solutions. This meant that our cleaning teams were prepared and ready to return to the site when the time came.

Advancement Mindset

CCS were lucky, we have always embraced technology across the business, and when our office teams had to work from home, it was a case of building on pre-existing infrastructure and systems. Much of our business is conducted through bespoke cleaning software systems which can be used to manage multiple aspects of the business, including HR, equipment management, audits, and health and safety.

Our IT Team was on hand to help everyone with the sudden transition by offering training and support whenever required. For the most part, the transition was seamless, and we were surprised by how much could be achieved working remotely.

Throughout the pandemic, we have held many online meetings, as well as communicating regularly with our teams. When the situation allows for it, we also carry out essential business functions in our head office. We ensure we implement strict social distancing and safety precautions.

However, things are different, and the sense of community and the face-to-face interactions in the office are missed.

While we agree, working from home is here to stay, it is important to strike a balance. Bringing people together in a room can be an enjoyable and productive experience and not something that can be imitated over a zoom call!

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Our systems

In the past, cleaning was thought of as a low-fi business, but this is no longer the case. Here at CCS, we rely on several online systems to keep our business running smoothly. From our HR and Finance systems to our site management platform, each of these is a vital cog in the business.

The benefits these systems offer are numerous, including data-access, reduction in people-hours, and eliminating human error. However, the pandemic proved that remote access is possibly the most important advantage of all. The ability to access these systems from anywhere, anytime, meant that we could offer our clients uninterrupted service and keep CCS operating efficiently and seamlessly.

Our online systems are accessible and easy to use. Throughout the pandemic, we have even taken the opportunity to enhance some of our systems, devoting time, and resources to their improvement, which we previously did not have.

COVID-19 has brought into keen focus, the importance of future-proofing businesses. An investment in technology and effective systems should be the crux of this.

We hope that when the worst of the pandemic is behind us, we can employ the best of both worlds.


It’s easy to sing the praises of the systems that keep CCS running, but it would be remiss not to mention the real reason for our seamless transition, our people! Our teams have proven to be resilient and diligent in an undeniably challenging situation.

They have gotten on with things and worked hard to ensure that CCS remained productive and useful throughout the pandemic.

If COVID-19 has thought us, one thing it’s that people are incredibly adaptable and great things can be achieved when we work together.

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