The Ultimate Guide to Specialist Cleaning Services

You are probably familiar with most of the services offered by commercial cleaning companies, but did you know that many cleaning companies also offer Specialist Cleaning Services?

These services are most often reserved for unique and challenging environments or jobs- and as the name suggests are highly specialised. These are the kinds of services that you call upon when an ordinary commercial clean is just not enough.

Health and safety should be a priority for any responsible company offering specialist cleaning

The jobs that require these services can be tough and, on some occasions, even dangerous, which is why it is so important that specialist cleaning crews have received high-quality and widespread training. Health and safety training should always be a priority for these types of specialist crews and you should ask to see their credentials. These jobs can sometimes be high-risk so that which is why health and safety should always be a prime concern for companies like this. Placing an emphasis on health and safety shows employees and clients that you care about their well-being and minimises risk.

A company offering these specialist services should have access to specialised tools and equipment that allow them to carry out the unique work to a very high standard. These cleaning crews are usually mobile and travel to sites to respond to emergency requests and situations.

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Specialist Cleaning will Improve the Look of Your Business

The below guide should act as a useful roadmap when deciding what kind of specialist cleaning service, you need to call upon.

  • Preparing a store for its first opening- these crews can be used to deliver an intensive and deep clean before your store opens its doors for the first time to the public.
  • Do your high or external windows need to be cleaned and maintained? If so these crews can deliver a specialised window cleaning using equipment designed to be used by qualified cleaning specialists. They will do this in a safe manner and will avoid the use of ladders where possible in order to further de-risk your business.
  • Safely removing graffiti or vandalism from walls without causing any damage to the existing building or the surface of the walls.
  • Cleaning the unique fittings in a historic or protected building using tools and solutions designed for precisely for this purpose. Specialist cleaning teams will be mindful of the buildings sensitive nature and will complete the cleaning with the utmost care and attention to detail.
  • Floor maintenance- these services can be used to clean your floor with equipment and tools designed specifically for your particular floor type. Cleaning companies like these will have access to professional industrial cleaning machinery such as scrubber dryers. This means that they are capable of carrying out floor polishing and cleaning on a number of different types of floors.
  • Data Centre cleaning, these crews should be trained in cleaning data centres. They should always have the relevant certification to prove that they can meet the strict requirements needed when cleaning a critical space such as a data centre.

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Responding to unforeseen or emergency situations such as flooding, fire damage or other accidents. These crews ‘expect the unexpected’ and should be responsive and ready to help you when something out of the ordinary occurs.

These cleaning services are designed to be adaptable and responsive to your needs. A reliable and professional cleaning company offering specialist services will listen to your requirements and design a cleaning plan specifically for your business. They should be experienced in dealing with difficult and unique cleaning situations and will know how to best respond to the particular cleaning service you require.

The highly trained crews will have the unique tools and professional knowledge to deliver a high-quality and dedicated specialist cleaning service no matter what the circumstances. Once you invest in this type of cleaning service you will not look back.

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