Industry Innovations


At CCS we always have our ear to the ground when it comes to industry innovations and the iMop certainly lives up to the hype. The first of its kind-the iMop scrubber dryer isn’t just designed for cleaning; it is designed for the cleaner. We have now introduced this on many of our sites and are very satisfied with its performance.

The iMop combines what is great about a floor mop with all the added benefits of a scrubber dryer; giving you the advantages of both in one compact package. Hard to reach places and difficult floor surfaces are no longer a problem as its counter-rotating brushes and small size allow it to reach under and around objects.

Battery Vacuum

We use battery vacuums across CCS on a daily basis. We love the Pacvac’s Superpro battery 700, it is ultra-lightweight and is so silent that it can be used during the daytime clean. It is an advanced battery-powered design with strong suction that also delivers a superior combination of manoeuvrability, efficiency and productivity. As well as this the Superpro Battery 700 delivers 2 and half times the productivity when compared to a traditional canister vacuum.  We predict that the Superpro Battery 700 will be part of our cleaning arsenal/equipment for years to come.

High Reach Window Clean Systems

At CCS, we recognise the benefits of keeping our feet firmly anchored on the ground, this is why High Reach Window Clean Systems are so advantageous.  We are striving wherever possible, to remove ladders from our business; as these High Reach Window Clean Systems can reach up to 5 metres this is becoming more of a possibility. These systems allow our cleaning team to clean high and hard to reach windows to a very high standard from the safety of the ground, thereby de-risking the team and the business

These are 3 very welcome innovations in the cleaning industry and give us incremental increases in productivity, cleaning performance and safety