Three Seasonal Cleaning Tips from the Pros

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Three Seasonal Cleaning Tips From Pros

Everyone wants their business to look its best at all times. It is not only more professional but customers will think more favorably of you if your business projects an image of cleanliness and positivity. A well-maintained business is the hallmark of quality and will leave a very favorable impression with your customers. Now with… Read more »

What to Expect from Your Janitorial Services Provider

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Janitorial Cleaning Services

Are you responsible for the running of a school, university, financial institution or an office building? If so, you’ll be aware how important having a reliable and professional janitorial services provider is to the functioning of your building or institution. It means you will have one less thing to worry about and that you can… Read more »

The Ultimate Guide to Specialist Cleaning Services

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I-Team I-Mop XL

You are probably familiar with most of the services offered by commercial cleaning companies, but did you know that many cleaning companies also offer Specialist Cleaning Services? These services are most often reserved for unique and challenging environments or jobs- and as the name suggests are highly specialised. These are the kinds of services that… Read more »

Choosing a Reliable and Professional Industrial Cleaning Services Provider

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Industrial Cleaning Services Provider

These days more and more companies across are requiring industrial cleaning services for their businesses. This kind of cleaning is increasing in popularity as the economy continues to recover from the recent downturn. This type of specialist cleaning is suitable for numerous different sectors including pharmaceuticals, healthcare, warehousing, construction and post-construction.

Look After your Office Space with Regular Cleaning

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In the workplace, there is a long list of areas that should be cleaned regularly to ensure the environment people are working in is of an acceptable standard. Canteens, bathrooms, and corridors all come to mind, but the office space itself is an area of great importance that should not be overlooked. Perhaps the reason… Read more »

A Cleaning Service as Unique as Your Business

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According to a recent study published by ‘Allied Market Research’, the cleaning industry is expected to grow by 6.2% annually, reaching a $74,299 billion value by the year 2022. This is down to a number of factors such as global growth in construction, more disposable income and investment in real estate. This huge sum demonstrates… Read more »

Challenges Facing Contract Cleaning Services Providers

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The cleaning industry like virtually all other industry has undergone rapid change in recent years. These changes may be due to factors as diverse as the economy, socio-economic climate, the performance of other industries and others. As a result of the industry changing new challenges come to the fore for contract cleaning services providers and… Read more »