Teamwork and Finding Strength in Our Differences

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Success in business begins by creating a positive company culture that encapsulates your shared values and goals. Teamwork is one of our shared values and an essential part of the culture of CCS. To see teamwork in all its glory, we like to take inspiration from sports. Watching a football or rugby game, you can… Read more »

Tersano – A New Era in Sustainable Cleaning

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CCS think it’s crucial to prioritise the use of sustainable cleaning products, which is why we’re so passionate about Tersano. For too long, the cleaning industry has relied on harmful cleaning chemicals. The time to change is now. Now there are practical, sustainable solutions readily available, so it begs the question why wouldn’t you choose… Read more »

Cleaning to the Core Podcast Ep 1: Peter Van den Boom, Comac

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We’re thrilled to finally able to share something we’ve been working on for the past several months. CCS have launched our very own ‘Cleaning to the Core’ podcast! This is our first foray into podcasting, and we’re excited to have somewhere to discuss industry trends and innovations. We’ll also be interviewing some very interesting industry… Read more »

Making Diversity a Winning Ingredient

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CCS are an Irish company of over 3000 people across 8 European countries, with four main operating languages and no fewer than 88 different nationalities on our team! So, it’s fair to say we’re quite a diverse organisation. At CCS, diversity is our way of life and not something to be managed or tokenised.  The… Read more »

Real Life Teamwork in Action

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CCS Cleaning recently completed a large initial cleaning project for one of our French Clients.  This involved providing a cleaning service during the fit-out phase of an 80,000 sq. ft 1930’s retail building. As a company, we have delivered many similar projects across Europe in the past.  However, each project does present individual challenges and… Read more »